Professionalism Concentration Responsibility Innovation

Commitment to continuously providing users with more

advanced and complete inspection products.

  • After-Sales Service Commitment

    One-year warranty and lifetime maintenance
    2-hour quick response for maintenance
    24-hour after-sales guarantee

  • Guarantee of After-Sales Commitment

    Cornley's professional and efficient service team plays a key role in guaranteeing the timeliness and stability of the services. The ample supply of accessories for a long term is maintained.

  • Advantages of Cornley's Services

    Cornley has the independent intellectual property rights and the experienced professional after-sales service team to fully guarantee the quality, maintenance and upgrade of the products.

Domestic Emergency Service
Mobile:191 2810 0501 / 181 2815 9808
Tel:0755 86330870

International Service Center
Tel:86-755-86330808, 86330897

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