Love Foundation

Foundation Introduction

Cornley Love Foundation is a charity foundation initiated by Cornley, and founded by Mr. Hou Xingkai, Chairman of Cornley. The foundation will be continuously provided with more funds according to the corporate development.

Cornley adheres to the cultural concept of "people-oriented and great love", treating every employee as a family member, uniting together and contributing to the society.
Cornley Love Foundation is the backing of every employee of Cornley, and will also contribute to the social charity.
Foundation Tenet
Cornley Love Foundation spreads the love culture of everyone participating in public welfare, promotes the social spirit of mutual assistance, stimulates the spirit of charity of employees, and strives to develop Cornley into a "home" for enterprises with warm love and mutual progress.
Cornley will pay close attention to the corporate and social welfare projects, and provide the assistance and support in various aspects such as rural development, education poverty alleviation, charitable activities, emergency relief and employee public welfare.
Every member of Cornley Love Foundation will insist on this sense of responsibility and honor for colleagues, family members and society. In the people-oriented environment of Cornely, we are proud of Cornley and also proud of ourselves.
Foundation Slogan: "Donation" of Cornley and "Love" with you


Poverty Alleviation

Cornley will uphold the tenet of the Love Foundation, to assist the poor residents, follow the Party's strategic planning, persist in the innovation and poverty alleviation, contribute to the national poverty alleviation, and try to provide the certain medical assistance.


Charitable Activities

Cornley will pay close attention to the social welfare projects, and will actively participate in the charitable activities such as rural development, teaching funding, emergency relief and employee public welfare, and also provide the assistance and support in all aspects.


Voluntary Blood Donation

Cornley will participate in the blood bank construction of the region and even the country, regularly organize the employees to voluntarily donate blood, and try their best to achieve this noble behavior of selfless dedication and life-saving.

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