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Here, you can apply what you have learned to practice, develop your potential, and demonstrate your own ideas and abilities. You will have the opportunity to receive the training in positions and skills, and enjoy the broad space for promotion as well.

Cornley is a warm family full of love, which will be a stage for your performance, a ladder for your progress, and also a home for your growth. Even the interns will have the opportunity to participate in the important projects. We are sincerely welcoming you to grow with us and work together for the global medical projects.

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Sales manager


1, complete the software system code implementation, write code comments and development documents;
2. Assist in system function definition and program design;
3.Complete code writing, debugging, testing and maintenance according to design documents or requirements description;
4. Analyze and solve problems in the software development process;
5. Assist test engineers to formulate test plans and locate problems found;
6. Cooperate with the project manager to complete relevant tasks and objectives.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in computer or related majors;
2. Familiar with Java language writing and SQL database development tools; more than 3 years of software development experience;
3. Familiar with object-oriented thinking, proficient in programming, debugging and related technologies;
4. Familiar with the installation, debugging, configuration and use of application servers;
5, with requirements analysis and system design capabilities, as well as strong logic analysis and independent problem solving capabilities;
6, proficient in reading Chinese and English technical documents; full of teamwork, responsibility and communication skills.

Contact information:
Contact: Miss Ouyang
Phone: 0755-86330432-824
Please submit your resume to:, please email the name "applicant position-name"

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