Talent Concept

Cornley focuses on examining the professional competence and core quality of talents. The selection of management is oriented on the core values and moral style, experience and execution. All the employees who join Cornley are encouraged to work professionally and responsibly, and achieve their own value.

Clinical Application Specialist



1. Train front-line clinical operators on blood gas clinical knowledge;
2. Responsible for clinical training of product manager and sales team;
3. Responsible for organizing academic conference reports;
4. Exchange with industry experts to promote the company's medical products;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, related majors in medical examination, clinical medicine, health examination, etc .;
2. Have a certain text base, be proficient in using software such as PPT, and be able to independently produce and design training courseware;
3. Clear logical thinking, strong expression ability and affinity;
4, can adapt to domestic long-term business trips.

Contact information:
Contact: Miss Ouyang
Phone: 0755-86330432-824
Please submit your resume to: oyrf@cornley.com, please email the name "applicant position-name"

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