Founded in 1993, Cornley is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of "in-vitro diagnostic apparatus and reagents". After the continuous development and growth, Cornley has now developed into a medical facility manufacturer with more than 300 employees, and has gradually become one of the important forces in the medical facility industry in China.
Cornley is one of the leading professional medical facility suppliers in China and also a national high-tech enterprise. Cornley specializes in the field of clinical examination, with major products such as blood-gas electrolyte analyzer and electrolyte total carbon dioxide analyzer. Cornley owns a number of users who are involved in hospitals, disease control centers, blood stations, family planning, scientific research, sports, food safety systems, college laboratories, etc.
Cornley has been focusing on R&D and innovation in the fields of electrolyte analysis and blood-gas analysis. The core technology and intellectual property rights of products become the guarantee for the continuous competitiveness of Cornley, so that its electrolyte analyzer is stably taking the leading position in China. In 2006, the blood-gas electrolyte analyzer was first self-developed and launched by Cornley, which filled the gap in the field of in-vitro diagnosis in China, and also broke the long-term monopoly and technical blockade of foreign manufacturers in this field. In this context, Cornley has become the leader in the field of blood-gas in China, and also has the strength to compete with internationally influential enterprises.
Cornley adheres to the tenet of serving customers and serving medical industry, and strictly controls the quality of products according to the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality system certifications. Cornley also has a complete control process of R&D, engineering, testing, production and after-sales, ensuring the independent solution to problems and the high quality for customers.
With the advanced products, excellent service and continuous improvement, Cornley has won the praises from customers and formed a wide customer base. Cornley has a strong network of sales and service, with a number of offices and maintenance centers in more than 30 provincial capital cities in China. Cornley not only plays a pivotal role in the domestic markets, but also serves all the provinces in China and has a loyal customer base in many top three hospitals. In addition, Cornley has achieved the satisfactory results in the international markets. Cornley's products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, including Brazil, Chile, Russia, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Algeria and Egypt.
At present, Cornley is forging ahead with the goal of product specialization and corporate advancement. The employees of Cornley are adhering to the corporate culture of "focus, innovation and pleasure", and taking the customers' demands as the driving force to strive forward and bravely break through, and constantly providing the users with the more advanced and perfect inspection products.
Cornley adheres to the valuable innovation, provides the high-quality products and solutions as well as efficient and valuable professional services to meet the clinical needs, and continuously cultivates the high-tech talents for scientific and technological research and development as well as marketing management, and thereby contributing to the clinical care development.

Cornley High-Tech Industrial Park is a key investment attraction project of Meixian District Government. It is located in the new development zone of Meixian District, and is adjacent to the new high-speed rail station.
With the land approved by the government in 2015, Cornley estimated to invest the fund of 100 million Yuan to build an industrial park owned by Cornley. On November 13, 2017, this project was officially started. This has opened a new chapter in the history of Cornley.
On August 20, 2018, the project of Meizhou Cornley High-Tech Industrial Park was successfully completed. In September 2019, the main building of Cornley was officially put into use. A large-scale layout is being arranged for the future.
Cornley sincerely expresses gratitude for the supports by the government and friends from all walks of life. Cornley is full of confidence to develop the Cornley High-Tech Industrial Park into a new window for the Meizhou medical industry. With the completion of Cornley High-Tech Industrial Park, every employee of Cornley will gain a larger and broader development space. Cornley will give back to the society with better and more perfect products and services!

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